GP2A 2017 – Awards

Best Early career researchers presentation

Dr Amit Nathubhai, University of Bath – UK: Dual-site-binding tankyrase inhibitors as potential agents towards the treatment of colorectal cancer and type-2 diabetes

Best Flash presentation

Isabelle Lengers, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster – Germany: Human Hyal-1 – from in silico pharmacophore modeling to in vitro inhibitor screening

Best Posters

Alexia Ville, University of Angers – France: Semisynthetics pathways starting from δ-garcinoic acid towards anti-inflammatory tocotrienols isolated from New-Caledonian endemic plants

Michael B. C. Kenny, University of Bath – UK: Synthesis and evaluation of a range of seco-amino-CBIs as highly cytotoxic DNA alkylating agents

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