PhD position in Medicinal Chemistry, IICiMed Team – University of Nantes, France October-November 2021


EA 1155 – IICiMed (, University of Nantes, Institut de Recherche en Santé 2, 22 Boulevard Bénoni Goullin, 44200 Nantes – France


Prof. Pascal Marchand –

Dr. Marc-Antoine Bazin –

Financial support:

French National Research Agency (ANR) collaborative project “TEXLEISH” (Targeting host-parasite interactions through the inhibition of EXcreted LEISHmania casein kinase 1) coordinated by Prof. Pascal Marchand.

Objectives of the thesis:

During the thesis project devoted to antiparasitic Drug Discovery, the candidate will be in charge of the design and the synthesis of imidazo[1,2-a]pyrazine-based heterocyclic compounds. The step-by-step pharmacomodulation will see the generation a novel chemical library to guide structure‐activity relationship study and will be supported by all the biological and in silico tools depicted above, and available through the partnership (EA 1155 – IICiMed, Institut Pasteur – Paris, UMR CNRS 8076 BioCIS Université Paris-Saclay).

As part of this project, the candidate will have to promote his (her) research work in consortium meetings, but also by participating to conferences. The completion of this PhD will give to the candidate a good expertise in drug development within a project at the interface of chemistry and biology.

More details here!

Required profile:

The applicant, from university or engineer school, will possess a solid knowledge in organic and medicinal chemistry. He will be motivated to work closely with biological partners and collaborators involved in molecular modelling.

Application procedure:

All required documents are listed below:

• All degree certificates,

• Detailed CV,

• Cover Letter,

• Two recommendation letters (or contact information of at least 2 references).

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