GP2A 2020 La Rochelle

La Rochelle University

La Rochelle University is a French multidisciplinary University with more 9000 students. Founded in 1993 as part of the new universities, its campus is located in the Minimes district of La Rochelle, in Charente-Maritime. The university specializes in the issues of the littoral zone, coastal environment, sustainable development. One of the priority of La Rochelle University beside La Rochelle town is to reduce the carbon footprint by acting daily in different areas, which is expressed by many actions from the management of smart campus to town planning by way of public facilities, transport and travel.

« Biotechnologies and Chemistry applied to Bioresources for Health applications » BCBS team gathers teacher-researchers belonging to different disciplines: biochemistry, molecular biology, enzymatic engineering, microbial biochemistry and organic chemistry. The team activity, which is embedded in a biology-chemistry interface, relates to biotechnological and chemical exploitation of natural resources (marine and agricultural) in order to obtain and create products and services ensuring preservation and well-being of health populations. The team applies its research in pharmaceutical, therapeutic, health-nutrition, dermo-cosmetic’s fields, and collaborates closely with industrial partners from the field of new ingredients or supplements for food and human health.

La Rochelle city

La Rochelle is seaport city on the Atlantic coast situated halfway between Nantes and Bordeaux. La Rochelle has been famous for its rebel spirit since 1000 years owing to its uniqueness: democratic ahead the era, Protestant while the rest of France is Catholic. With over 70,000 inhabitants, La Rochelle is today a dynamic, welcoming and lovely city that can provide an impressing unforgettable journey with its picturesque view and riches of historic heritages.

The city of La Rochelle has for many years placed sustainable development at the heart of its policies and has implemented many positive actions in the areas of health promotion, biodiversity, water. Known to be the sunniest spot on the Atlantic littoral and with an oceanic climate, La Rochelle is a special holiday resort close to the Islands of Ré, Oléron, Aix. and is a sailing place.

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