GP2A 2019 Workshop: The fundamentals of quantitative molecular pharmacology

Prof. Steven J Charlton
Excellerate Bioscience and University of Nottingham

Comparing the pharmacological characteristics of compounds across different systems (e.g. different assays and/or cell types) can be a complex task. More difficult still is the extrapolation of these in vitro data to in vivo systems through PK/PD modeling. In order to make these tasks as accurate as possible, it is critical to define quantitative, system independent measures of compound action. This workshop will introduce the concept of quantitative molecular pharmacology and detail the experimental and analytical methods used to determine key system-independent pharmacological descriptors of both drug binding and functional efficacy. It will culminate in a team-based exercise where you will put the knowledge and skills gained from the morning’s lectures into practice. You will play the role of the pharmacologist in a (fictitious) pharmaceutical company’s due diligence team, tasked with identifying the best compound to in-license for a respiratory indication. These deals can be very expensive – will you be confident enough in your analysis to make a recommendation to senior management…?

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