The GP2A is a member-led network of academic medicinal chemists working in universities and research institutes in Europe.

Founded in 1992, as the Groupement des Pharmacochimistes de l’Arc Atlantique (GP2A) by medicinal chemists working within Schools of Pharmacy near the western coast of Europe (the “Atlantic Arc”), it has rapidly expanded and currently includes academic members from France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Our definition of medicinal chemistry is broad and membership is open to those working in areas as diverse as physical and pharmaceutical chemistry and molecular pharmacology as well as the traditional areas of natural product chemistry, pharmacognosy and drug discovery.

Our primary aim is networking to enable exchange of ideas and experience. This is facilitated through two major activities: Our annual scientific conference and PhD student and post-doctoral research exchanges.

The network provides bursaries to facilitate exchange between members’ laboratories.

GP2A 2019, organised by members from the School of Pharmacy – University of Nottingham will take place at the end of August 2019 and will feature invited lectures, oral communications and posters enabling researchers at all levels from PhD student to principle investigators to participate.

Latest News

News are coming concerning the newt GP2A meeting in Nottingham….   it will take place on 20-23 Aug 2019…   more to come…

The GP2A-JFB 2018 conference, organized by Prof. Patrick Dallemagne – Univ. Caen, Prof. Thierry Besson – Univ. Rouen and Prof. Christophe Rochais – Univ. Caen took place in Asnelles sur Mer (Normandy – F) from 13th to 15th June 2018. Welcome     Prof. Raphaël Frédérick University of Louvain (B) JFB grouping Prof. Pascal MarchandRead More…

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